When geeks design toilets #Funny #DPchallenge

Ever wondered what would a toilet flush look like if it was developed by a geek, well I was fortunate enough to witness such an evil. A classic example of what a geek mind is capable of designing if no one checked on him. What baffles me is the fact that some one actually felt the need for this device , bought it and installed this thing in the toilet. I bet even the greatest si fi writers wouldn’t have imagined such a thing as this if they were asked to design a toilet flush control.

Take a look at the image below, this is what I found in the toilet stall of the Dubai Airport, beside the WC. I was baffled just looking at it, now did the authorities expect only people with major in technology to use the loo, I dint remember seeing a sign which raid “Entry to Technology Majors only”.

Dubai tlt

I spent some time examining this gizmo and read through all the text on the shiny big steel buttons to realize that it was an elaborate control panel designed to go with your toilet experience. It struck me really odd, did they have to complicate it so much, would a water jet and a toilet roll have done the trick.

Let me explain the features of this darn thing

  • It warms the toilet seat to your desired temperature.
  • It raises and lowers the toilet seat (when it does that it actually sound like the hatch of a UFO opening and closing, not that I have seen a UFO I trust all the directors of the SiFi movies).
  • It raises and closes the lid on the WC.
  • It has buttons to activate the water jets in the front.
  • It has buttons to activate the rare water jets.
  • it has water jets which operate in soft mode.
  • It has buttons to choose the style in which water hits (you know what), the choices are Jet, Oscillating, rinse cycles (wander what’s the difference).
  • It has a dryer
  • It has a red STOP button.
  • And last but not the least it has the FLUSH button.

Now who on earth designed this thing, if it was some one from earth or was it a guy from the future or an alian life form with a highly evolved sense of hygiene and non evolved sense of usability and simplicity.



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