My thoughts on Happiness

What is happiness? Is it something we are born with or is it something we learn as we grow by. Would we know what happiness is with out knowing the social meaning of the word happy? Would we be still happy when we achieve something if we dint know that we are to feel happy, would we be still happy when we win a lottery for a million if we dint know we are to be elated.

What is happiness, is it a social knife which is used to carve us out, sculpt us in to a social animal which plays along trying to achieve that happiness which we hardly know what it is, you ought to be happy you got such a wonderful family, you ought be happy you have got a promotion, you ought to be happy you just bought a new house, are we really happy on these occasions or are we socially happy, happy because we are to be happy, happy because every one says we are to be happy.

As we grow up with all the conditioning of the society, the joy of learning to walk the first step are replaced by you will be happy if you come first in your class, as we grow up before we have learnt the romance of our own soul we are told we will be happy by making money my having a family by being the good cell in the social organ, are we happy

We start ignoring small pleasures like a walk in the rain, or the smell of baking biscuits, the moon peeping through the trees on a clear night or the clouds aimlessly drifting away on a blue sky, we stop searching for what our true source of happiness is and start working towards what is accepted as happiness, are we happy

In my novice cogitation happiness is being in the moment with out comparison from the past or with out anticipation for the future, for example if you run along the river and see the sun rise for the fist time, you are happy, the beauty mesmerizes you , as you are caught in the moment, you are, there not thinking of the future nor of the past but enjoying the whole experience, now if you see the same sun the next day, you would compare it what you saw the day before, you are busy drawing conclusions and you would also start to wonder if you would see this tomorrow, these thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow crowed the mind and fog the glasses. I guess this holds good even in relationships say you meet some one who makes you happy and you would mark that person as Happy when you meet him /her again you compare, you contrast and don’t enjoy it as much, you form an image and you always see the image and not that person as a changing entity, when he/she no longer fits my image you are annoyed as change annoys.

Am I happy, I don’t know I know for sure I am not unhappy, does being unhappy mean i am happy?


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